Using student-owned technologies in educational ict

This article by Scott Wilson of CETIS succintly analyses the concept of PLE’s in terms of ‘what they could be’ and ‘why they should be’.

In my role I think that it would be interesting to try and deliver elearning through various non institutional applications inlcuding social networking, blogs, instant messaging, RSS (inlcuding communal RSS such as affeda), VOIP, social bookmarking and other softwares.

I am however in no doubt as to the challenges that this would create not least in terms of managing users and their communication preferences.

Afeeda – Online RSS Aggregating tools – useful

Afeeda is a recent addition to the world of RSS. It has a particular feature that could be of use in the eLearning world – namely the ability to generate group feeds.
This might of use when using blogs within a course by adding feeds from all the participants in one place, thus facilitating collaboration/ community.

The site offers the following:

Personal feeds – for aggregating all of your created content, include your blog, flickr feed, bookmarks or any other RSS that you create.

Group feeds for – aggregating content from several sources, probably published by several people. This could be a set of subject matter experts or a combination of official news sources, or any combination of those!

Event feeds are – aggregating content coming from a conference or physical event

I am wondering whether this might be useful as part of a PLE?