VLE Killer?

Could the following be the traditional VLE Killer? Grockit Raises Cash, Prepares “Massive Multiplayer Online Learning” Product.

It certainly appears to be talking the language of ‘social learning’. The article is light on the sort of features that the product would have but the concept appears long overdue at least commercially.

Would other educators welcome a commercial product like this or are there already O/Source tools available that could achieve MMOL (eg ELGG)?

Getting beyond centralized technologies in higher education – Ed-Media Symposium

This post by Bryan Alexander, discusses a recent Ed-Media Symposium on “Getting beyond centralized technologies in higher education”. There is some good analysis from Scott Wilson about the historial use of centralised systems by institutions and some great discussions in general about why we should be trying utilise the web in elearning rather than LMS’s.

I especially liked the reference to the phrase “digital taxidermists” — which describes “the unfortunate tendency of educators to suck the life out of online applications and communities”.


Learning activities for educational social software

This is a great article with examples of learning activities that can be used to add a social networking element to distance learning.

The learning itinery could be posted on a blog and monitored by students using RSS. This would provide an excellent way of:
– intoducing students to the social software/ netowrking paradigm,
– delivering social learning activities regardless of location/ time.